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Wild berries – a unique storehouse of vitamins

At the first thought of summer, everyone imagines forests, birdsong and berry glades. Wild berries contain a lot of healthy vitamins.

Since ancient times, traditional medicine has respected berries from forest glades for their medicinal properties. Modern medicine also uses berry components for the production of medicines.

Probably the most popular wild berry is strawberries. Excess glucose and fructose in its fruits. It is also rich in B vitamins, vitamin C, carotene, various types of acids. When drying strawberries, loss of beneficial properties does not occur.

She is good in all forms. Fresh berries of strawberries will help with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, stones in the organs of the human body and atherosclerosis. Strawberry juice saves from cuts and wounds. Dried berries are consumed in the form of infusions that stimulate the digestive system and help cleanse the body. Lingonberries, blueberries and blueberries are able to alleviate the severe course of Alzheimer’s disease.

They slow down the development of pathogenic cells and tissue changes in the body of a sick person. Scientists have proven that these berries also act on neurons and the signals between them, which is of great importance for medicine.

Blueberries have an amazing quality to improve the protective functions of the body from the effects of a harmful environment, helps to strengthen the immune system, prevents the occurrence of tumors of cancer.

Blueberries allow a person to stay young longer. For people with eye problems, blueberries are recommended first. Lingonberry, in turn, has a mass of properties useful to the human body. It also strengthens the human immune system, acts as a disinfectant and antimicrobial agent, stimulates the excretion of urine, toxins and toxins from the human body.

Blackberry is another useful representative of healthy berries from a forest glade. In this plant, both leaves and fruits benefit. For skin problems, an ointment of berries and blackberry leaves helps. Blackberry berries are very useful for the gastrointestinal tract of the body, as they stimulate its work. It is recommended to use blackberries in large quantities, its benefits are invaluable.

Raspberries are not only wild. Her breeding is widespread among gardeners. Raspberry contains a lot of useful acids in its composition, regulates the quality of blood coagulability in the human body. All berries can be frozen and consumed with warm drinks during winter illnesses and viral diseases.

Raspberry has a sufficiently high level of fiber in its content, which contributes to the smooth functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. Raspberries have the ability to restore a steady heartbeat, which is the prevention of more complex heart diseases.

Forest thorn – wild berry with astringent properties. Recommended for use during bowel disorders, diarrhea and bloating. Chokeberry has long been famous for its unique beneficial qualities. It contains a huge amount of substances useful to the human body. Helps to stimulate appetite, regulates the function of the thyroid gland.

Cranberries – one of the most unique berries that grows in forests on wetlands. Cranberries belong to evergreen shrubs. It is low and spreads almost near the ground itself. Harvesting cranberries in the season is quite difficult, but more than justifies all the physical costs.

Cranberry fruit drinks are great for colds and flu, they also increase the overall tone of the human body, its mental activity and physical performance. For people with low acidity, cranberries are indicated for inclusion in the daily diet, with high acidity and peptic ulcers.
can not be consumed. The list of advantages of cranberries can be continued, in addition to antiviral ingredients, it contains antimicrobial properties and can act as an additional tool in the treatment of acute forms of diseases, kidneys, genitourinary system and pancreatitis.

The reason lies in the unique chemical composition of this berry, in addition to the useful attributes of all forest berries, cranberries inherited pectin from nature, which form insoluble compounds with beneficial trace elements, sugars and acids. Therefore, cranberries help to remove from the body not only all that is superfluous, but even such radioactive metals as cobalt, lead, zinc and mercury. Therefore, cranberry drinks are indicated for people with poisoning or severe intoxication from chemical elements.

Cloudberry – refers to rare forest berries, and as a species is on the verge of extinction. You can find it when collecting cranberries, as she also loves shade and a lot of moisture. Ripe cloudberries have a bright orange color. In the last century, there was soaked cloudberry in any hut, due to its properties, it was perfectly preserved all winter.

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